Consumers with large tanks which are only seldom used and in which the diesel is “stored” for a long time (e.g. emergency power packs) are particularly prone to heavy deposits of contamination in the form of particle contamination on the tank floor as well as to raised water content in the tank (e.g. due to condensation).
If the system is switched on, the pump typically draws off the surrounding particles of contamination and the filter or system components quickly become clogged. As a rule this leads to a system stoppage. The unit is therefore not fit for purpose and at the same time high costs of maintenance and repair mount up.
Furthermore, free water remaining in the tank over a long period gives rise to diesel bug (formation of micro-organisms such as types of bacteria, algae, fungi etc.) which can also clog the filter and components. With its water elimination function, the LowViscosity Unit LVU-CD can prevent premature and expensive disposal of the diesel (when it becomes unusable due to diesel bug).

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