Containers of any shape can be fastened protectively and securely with HY-ROS clamping bands


  • simple mounting by quick release system
  • axial and radial position correction, also retroactively
  • Utilisation at difficult-access positions through freely selectable positioning of the fastening system
  • Flexibility with different container dimensions and shapes through flexible steel bands
  • careful component mounting and insulation against noise and electrostatics through a layer of rubber or PE
  • suitable supports for almost every container through selection of shaped parts and plastics
  • customized and inexpensive solutions through modification of clamping bands bands and consoles

Swivel bolt clamping band
with or without rubber support
  • Diameter range from 80 to 619 mm
Supports for swivel bolt clamping bands
  • Diameter range from 125 to 500 mm
Air reservoir mounting
  • Diameter range from 200 to 400 mm
Quick release swivel bolt clamp
  • 30 sizes
  • Diameter range from 60 to 301 mm
Quick release swivel bolt clamp
and rubber support
  • 30 sizes
  • Diameter range from 54 - 295 mm
Holder for fastening on the cylinder
  • Clamping range 50 - 300 mm
  • Combination with fastening clamps
    DIN 3015 T1 - T3

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