Our HYDAC analyses equipment is the optimal choice wherever contamination management processes need to be professionally analyzed and optimized with regard to the cleanliness of components and systems and the purity of the fluids employed.

Our FCU FluidControl Unit is a portable servicing unit for measuring solid particle contamination in hydraulic an lubrication systems.The measured values are recorded by means of infrared technology and outputted in accordance with ISO 4406, SAE 4059 and NAS 1638. Thanks to its compact design, the FCU is suitable for use in hydraulic and lubrication systems, for maintenance, in test benches, and for sample bottle and tank analysis.

Using HYDAC's component analysis units, you can check and monitor the technical cleanliness of your products. In a wet sampling process, the particle contamination is washed off the surface of the component and transferred to a membrane for subsequent analysis.

The FES Fluid Sampling Set is designed for taking static and dynamic oil samples from hydraulic and lubrication systems.
All our rental equipment is designed for analysis fluids. Suitability for use with other fluids needs to be determined in an individual case by testing.
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