Valve stacking systems L

Individually expandable stacking system for controlling small-volume consumers and pressure load holding tasks - Great flexibility in planning and construction - Small dimensions with high performance density - Leakage security through short, rigid connections - Retroactive expansion with supplementary modules possible CHARACTERISTICS Delivery rate: up to 12 l/min
Operating pressure: max. 500 bar
Voltages: 24 and 230 volts
Protection class: IP65 according to DIN EN 60034-5
Operating fluid: hydraulic oil in accordance with DIN 51524, Parts 1 and 2
Temperature range of operating fluid: min. -20°C to max. 80°C
Ambient temperature range: min. -20°C to max. +40°C
Viscosity range: 10 – 380 mm²/s is recommended Filtration: maximum permissible degree of contamination of the operating fluid in accordance with ISO 4406 Class 21/19/16 Weight: from 0.2 to 2.2 kg per individual module
Return quantity: up to max. 15 l/min
Can be flange-mounted to: CO1, DC1, CA and HP power units
Details in the brochure 5.304.2